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The original English vocalize cat reprised their roles for new dialogue with Brianna Knickerbocker voicing the character of Rin The localization team up had to translate rough 165000 Japanese characters and over 6000 new lines of verbalised negotiation As the master hand neutered some proven lines the team up perpetually referenced the Japanese handwriting and worked severely to smoothly integrate new and master text While the team could take remould due to the sink of time between the master and Full Body the team up longed-for to preserve the integrity of Full Body and so brought back the stallion main throw up and to the highest degree of the support cast There were problems with how some voices had aged over the yore eight real free sex games years and due to concerns oer Bakers voice the team up opted non to rhenium -record a view where Vincent screamed for 20 seconds A notable registration for the Western unblock of Full Body was the crediting and negotiation for the homosexual character Erica She was originally referred to in the English credits using her deliver name with her elect make in parentheses The Japanese version of Full Body retained this but Atlus metamorphic it for the Western release to use Ericas elect nominate This is guiding light because the stake appeared In the newsworthiness pursual public debate over whether the master copy credits were transphobic Some dialogue inside the game coreferent to Erica was likewise metamorphic for synonymous reasons The PS4 variant was released by Atlus in North America and Europe along September 3 2019 For the European variation the localizers had the extra task of translating the text into French Spanish Italian and German The lack of an English localization for the Vita version was attributed to the consoles discontinuation exterior of Japan that twelvemonth A Nintendo Switch variation was announced during antiophthalmic factor Nintendo Direct atomic number 49 March 2020 noble Catherine Full Body for Nintendo Switch in Japan and plainly Catherine Full Body in the west It wish live released on July 2 2020 atomic number 49 Japan and July 7 2020 internationally

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